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Pulling from Wikipedia:

function line(x0, x1, y0, y1)
     boolean steep := abs(y1 - y0) > abs(x1 - x0)
     if steep then
         swap(x0, y0)
         swap(x1, y1)
     if x0 > x1 then
         swap(x0, x1)
         swap(y0, y1)
     int deltax := x1 - x0
     int deltay := abs(y1 - y0)
     int error := 0
     int ystep
     int y := y0
     if y0 < y1 then ystep := 1 else ystep := -1
     for x from x0 to x1
         if steep then plot(y,x) else plot(x,y)
         error := error + deltay
         if 2×error ≥ deltax
             y := y + ystep
             error := error - deltax

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This looks like a title

and i bet this text will display on my main page. If i had a theme song, I would write the lyrics here.