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I’ve spent the better part of the evening hacking on my guitar and browsing around YouTube. I stumbled across the old “Canon in D” mystery metal guitar movie, which prompted me to make a little list here of some of the better guitarists I’ve seen on YouTube.

Canon in D

  • JerryC, the orginal arranger.
  • funtwo, which was the first version that I remember seeing. Check out his wikipedia entry for the full story
  • Not sure who this is. there are more notes, but that doesn’t make it any better.
  • Rob Paravonian (comedian) rants about Canon in D as a grade-school cellist, and its omnipresence in pop music.
  • Guitar Hero parody… When the funtwo cover came out, about 10 million amateur guitarists decided to post their versions of the Pachelbel classic as well. I remember a really good parody slipped in between piles of utter garbage, of one guy playing a Guitar Hero guitar to the same audio track. I can’t seem to find it anymore—either it’s been lost in the bowels of the YouTube archives, someone pulled it, or it’s really poorly titled (and thus not searchable).

Kurikinton Fox

Being a diehard Final Fantasy fan, I of course ended up at some point searching for guitarists shredding Final Fantasy… Lo and behold, I found Kurikinton Fox. Check these out:

Kurikinton Fox has a few of his own songs posted up on YouTube as well.

Zack Kim

This guy is nuts. He plays two guitars at once like a piano (tapping on the fretboard), and he has a sweet haircut.


Here are few other guitar tidbits I’ve stumbled upon that are worth sharing:

This looks like a title

and i bet this text will display on my main page. If i had a theme song, I would write the lyrics here.